Engineering & Manufacturing

Complete customized solutions

At Miller Sales and Engineering, we provide consulting services, feasibility studies, and project design utilizing over 50 years of experience over a wide variety of projects. We specialize in the design of water supply, mine dewatering, tunnel construction dewatering, slurry pumping and mine backfill systems. These designs may include dewatering wells, booster stations, portable pump skids, permanent pump stations and barges. We also provide engineering services for structures, skids, walkways, platforms, tanks, and pipelines. See what we do or contact us for any information.

Our services go beyond providing pumping solutions. We can also supply:

• General arrangement drawings
• On-site assistance, solution engineering & commissioning
• Detailed drawings
• Sump designs
• Piping calculations
• Valve selection
Control panel selection/programming
• Operating sequences
• Protection against water hammer & cavitation
• Installation methods and foundation designs


Quality first – No compromise

You deserve the best. From initial order to final delivery, we are committed to quality in every step of our operations, and we only count on the best product quality available on the market. You can trust our qualified representatives, available throughout USA and Mexico, in order to provide you with the optimal personalized service. Our experts will help you with the product selection and will assist you with after sales service.

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Keep your installation at its best efficiency

We’ve got you covered at every stage of your pumping system life circle. We provide the highest quality repair and maintenance services for major brands and pump types.

All repairs and refurbishing are done in our plant and our skilled employees use state-of-the-art equipment.

Our unique test bench allows for testing of pumps up to 200 hp. All pumps that leave our facility are tested in order to ensure that their performance meets customer requirements and delivered with test results including actual performance curves.