Engineering & Manufacturing

At Miller Sales and Engineering, we provide consulting services, feasibility studies, and project design utilizing over 50 years of experience over a wide variety of projects. We specialize in the design of water supply, mine dewatering, tunnel construction dewatering, slurry pumping and mine backfill systems. These designs may include dewatering wells, booster stations, portable pump skids, permanent pump stations and barges. We also provide engineering services for structures, skids, walkways, platforms, tanks, and pipelines. See what we do or contact us for any information.

Our services go beyond providing pumping solutions. We can also supply:

• General arrangement drawings
• On-site assistance, solution engineering & commissioning
• Detailed drawings
• Sump designs
• Piping calculations
• Valve selection
Control panel selection/programming
• Operating sequences
• Protection against water hammer & cavitation
• Installation methods and foundation designs